VIDEO: Passport Life Ep. 4: Back In the U.S.

Passport Life Ep. 4: Back In the U.S.

A few weeks ago we showed you the beginning of Bryan Blue’s journey to Africa and back as part of the Passport Project–a program spearheaded by ad and marketing agency strategist Kenji Summers–and now the Blue’s returned to the U.S. with a wealth of knowledge and experience from his first trip abroad. Blue a Texas native with dreams of being an art director in NYC, came to the Big Apple during this past Ad Week to talk about his experiences, the program and the importance of “collecting moments and not things.”

Landed back in the states after a week of visiting Africa. The plan was to go to New York for advertising week and compete in an “elevator pitch” to potentially land a job in the advertising field (Art Direction). After I pitched, I had a chance to get my portfolio reviewed, which was a little nerve wrecking. I met a few cool people during the whole NYC trip. I ended up being one of the winners of the pitch and now I’m setting up interviews with a few agencies. It would be ill to work in one of the major cities. I think its awesome that I can potentially turn art and concept creation into a career. The whole starving artist shit doesn’t really pay well. I love it though. It’s helped me get where I am today. Money is cool but experience is everything!

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