Passport Life Episode 1: Blue’s First International Trip

Ad agency strategist, world traveler and Brooklynite Kenji Summers wants America’s young people to realize that world is much bigger than their block. Inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s “Tokyo, Paris” remix, Summers founded the Passport Project in 2011. The project’s goal is to inspire young people to travel the world and to participate in global culture. To give novice travelers the initial nudge they need the Passport Project assists with the small but crucial step of obtaining a U.S. passport.

The Passport Life Web series follows some of the young creatives the Project works with as they embark on international travels and learn about culture and life in other countries. This first installment focuses on Texas native Bryan Blue, founder of lifestyle brand “Wage War” he takes his first trip outside of the U.S. to Equatorial Guinea.

A trip to Africa’s an eye-opening experience and even more profound when it’s your first trip outside if the states. See what insight Blue got on the concept of war and life in general in his first international excursion.

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