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Party Supplies “New York 2017″

Party Supplies “New York 2017″

Hello there friend. Do you like to party? Do you find yourself lacking the necessary supplies to do so? Well, you’re in luck — and you also just made this introduction a tad less corny — because Party Supplies has just what you need: random party sh*t.

We came across this music video for “New York 2017″ today thanks to our friend Eskay and decided to share it as well. The visuals are comprised from a well-edited compilation of clips, showing New York City’s funkier, and weirder, side from back in the day. Let’s be real, NYC is still funky and weird, and we like it that way. Show this video to your older friends and/or parents and watch them freak out.

Watch the music video for “New York 2017″ above, check out a random selection of images from the visuals below, and if you haven’t seen Party Supplies take our “Rhythm Roulette” challenge, you should. Thank you and good day.

Party Supplies New York 2017
close up shot party supplies music video
Mc Donalds awkward hand placement


NYC Sunset Mass Appeal
Party Supplies old guy toast music video

Devin P-B likes to party like it’s 2017 and tweet weird things @its_DPB.

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