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Alcoholic Powder: Now You Can Get Drunk on White

Alcoholic Powder: Now You Can Get Drunk on White

Jesus ain’t the only one turning water into alcohol thanks to Palcohol, which was just officially approved by the US government.

Palcohol is alcohol in powdered form, just add water, or any other mixer of your choice, and–presto!– you have yourself a cocktail. The company behind Palcohol was formerly marketing it as a slick way of smuggling booze into bars, or as a topping to any meal. However, since gaining approval from the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau the brand has toned down their website in favor of a more subtle approach.

We can’t help but wonder what crazy ways the kids will think of to ingest this stuff. If you thought 4 Loko was suspect, look out for this shit.

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