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Paco Pomet’s Surreal Social Studies

Paco Pomet’s Surreal Social Studies


When checking out the work of Spanish Painter Paco Pomet the word fusion comes to mind. Fusion of the serene and the stark, fusion of the classic and contemporary, fusion of the somber and humourous.

A painting from Paco Pomet

With an emphasis on the surreal, Pomet’s work juxtaposes images of yesteryear with bits of the artist’s taste of humor. Judging by the work displayed on Pomet’s website you get a sense that he enjoys melding the subversive with the mundane. You’ll find anthropomorphic portraits of frontiersmen, which may possibly be a depiction of hunter’s and their prey. His portfolio also includes landscapes with mountains falling victim to fluorescent sludge in the form of avalanching hues, and paintings of what appear to be homes nestled in tranquil forests dissected and exuding color from within.

A Paco Pomet Painting

Pomet currently has a show through April in Madrid, Spain but if you can’t get the duckets to head out there just hit up Pomet’s official site to get a glimpse at the work. Don’t worry, art is still cool no matter Mrs. Drizzy says.

Paco Pomet Oil Painting "Gangs" 2012

Via Upper Playground

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