Out Here: The Story of The 2012 Gumball 3000 (Trailer)

I had the honor of joining the raddest family unit in history–13thWitness, his sister Tabatha McGurr and their dad Mr. Futura–on the last Gumball 3000.  An American road trip/thrill parade across the U.S. from NYC to L.A. It was an experience that set off a change in my psyche, as complete lawless abandon was celebrated as a birthright, and the concept of living completely in a moment without consequence treated as a the mantra to the ride. The Drive soundtrack was loud, the tickets were expensive and the Black Range number 13 was our sled to freedom. The family we created on this theme park adventure are sure to last a few lifetimes, as will the long-form film we’re making. 13th and I shot a million cards, 4000 rolls of Super 8mm film, and now have begun to assemble the puzzle pieces, finally formulating a larger more cohesive picture to music and sound. Sorta. Its one of those fucking experiences, that will always resonate with warm fuzzy memories, and completely indescribable levels of “Fuck The World.” Enjoy this glimpse for now.

13th Witness, Tabatha McGurr

Futura 2000

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