Oscar Santos Photography

Oscar Santos Brings His Gritty City Flicks to The Good Company

The San Franisco native is in Good Company

This coming Friday, April 25, The Good Company will be hosting an opening for photographer Oscar Santos’ first solo show. With a penchant for film photography, the San Francisco native has developed a knack for transforming the seemingly mundane, transporting the viewer to a place that can only be referred to as revealing and poignant. Santos’ work shows his connection to the streets and its denizens all the while capturing a youthful energy often forgotten with old age.

Pulling inspiration from a range of influences like photographers Liz Johnson-Artur and Garry Winogrand, the ’90s & early 2000s SF graffiti movement, and motion picture cinematography the collection set to be on display at The Good Company will exude that San Francisco feel:

“I try to capture the overload of the senses one might feel walking down the heart of San Francisco.” Oscar explains that “the struggle I grew up around and the youth I’m surrounded by are the base components of my work… I like the real experience of being there, a given space at a given time. I also like the evidence of stealing the moment at the place, at a time, and then lost into memory.”

The show opens up at The Good Company this Friday April 25. To receive more information about the show and how you can attend, please contact the photographer here:


Photographs By Oscar Santos 2014
Oscar Santos Photography

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