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Only NY x Gifriends Photography Collective

Only NY x Gifriends Photography Collective



The artist-supporting creatives over at Only NY recently collaborated with Indonesian photographer Alex Thebez and his band of GIF-making friends for a unique take on the line’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The gang dubs themselves the Gifriends and they shot an entire GIF-based lookbook in Bushwick, Brooklyn that looks like something out of an urban dreamscape. There’s bubbles, flowers, balloons, confetti and colored frames–all highlighting the summer’s new pieces and a special series of limited edition Japanese fabric hats.

Juice Blue Hat Shirt

Ladder Girls Models Frame

Bubbles Pink Hair Girl Gate

Poof Pants Girl Model Industrial

Golf Grass Shades Sunglasses Beach

Flower Hat Shades Sunglasses

Flowers Shirt Change

Flowers Shirt Colors Model Change

Socks Color Fish Jump

Black Hat Flower

Confetti Hanging Blow Up

City Only Hoodie Grey Lights Train Background