5050 Skatepark side wall with vintage street signs

How New York City Survived Skateboarding’s “Winter Blues” – Episode 3

Shaolin shreds.

Winter 2014 has been gnarly for East Coast skateboarding. The Polar Vortex has pretty much been the hired mercenary of Mother Nature and it’s single-handedly shot down all hopes of outdoor action with its onslaught of powder and frigid temps. It’s been brutal. Really, really brutal.

But hell, #OnTheGrind knows that you can’t keep a good (or persistent) skater down. Crappy weather or not, we fucking live for this shit! So the plan was to go out and gather a few riders from a few local squads to get an intimate look into how everyone’s been able to cope with the unforgiving climate – how they feel about it and what they’ve done to survive.

In our third and final episode (because, yes, spring is officially here) we kicked it with Leo Gutman of Shut Skateboards and our good friends at 5050 Skatepark in Shaolin (Staten Island). It was pretty much the “chillest” (very loosely-used pun), most down-to-earth session, we’ve had all season. The park staff played nothing but New York City hip hop for us, including a bunch of Gang Starr tracks, and the park was bumping with a few scooter and BMX riders making some light appearances. We even had a dog on the set. Quiet as it’s kept, 5050 Skatepark may be the most harmonious, DIY, built-on-love skatepark in town. Thank you Ed Pollio!

Check out the final episode and what Leo Gutman had to say about our “bad karma” winter up top!

And in case you’ve missed them, here are Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Black dog at skate park

Wooden skateboard ramp painted with female face

Skaters on top of skate ramp

5050 Skatepark side wall with vintage street signs

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