On The Grind: Billy Rohan

"With a backpack and an idea, you can pretty much make anything a reality in 24 hours."

In this episode of On The Grind, we sit down and politic with Billy Rohan. If NY Skateboarding was a house, Billy would be its superintendent, and his roots in the skate scene of Gainesville, Florida prepared him for the job. Billy’s DIY aesthetic coupled with some old-fashioned NYC hustle enabled him to go from skater to entrepreneur. To think, it all started in the back of a goat farm.

Billy takes some time to recount the influence of local legends like Monty Nolder, Caine Gayle, and Clyde Singleton while with the company 777. After some time, Zoo York rolled through Billy’s stomping ground, and presented him with a life changing opportunity.

Hit the video player up top to hear how a broken ankle couldn’t even stop Rohan from bringing his talents up from South Beach, and how gaining the unyielding support of Harold Hunter made Billy the skater and businessman he is today.

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