Ollie Youth

Static keeps it reel.

Words By Matt Lubansky 

10,000 hours isn’t shit to Josh Stewart. A master at his craft, Josh’s 15-year dedication to filmmaking within the skate industry has earned him ambassador status for independent skateboarding during an era when it needs it most, combating the influx of ESPN games of S.K.A.T.E. and soda-sponsored competitions.

Josh’s torn labrum and back pains from holding 16 mm cameras for years are a testament to the hard work he’s put into the Static series. And his hard work has paid off. Launching his own distribution company, giving platforms to young skaters up and down the East Coast and into Europe, the Static vision continues to push the core fundamentals of skateboarding.

His films capture the essence of city life—high-volume traffic, subway cars screeching, street performers, angry pedestrians, and all. His VX1000 fisheye lens absorbs what the retinas of any inner-city skater digests on the daily.

Since 1999, the Static films have organically kept a pure niche of skateboarding alive and thriving. Unfortunately, the recent release of Static IV is the conclusion. And rightfully so, for all good things must come to an end. But one thing is for sure: Our culture needs more Josh Stewarts—it needs more Statics.

ollie youth static 2



SKATERS FEATURED: Forrest Kirby, Jake Rupp, Jeff Lenoce, Joel Meinholz, Paul Zitzer, and Sean Mullendore

LOCATIONS: Tampa, Miami, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City

JOSH’S FAVORITE MEMORY: “Driving up the East Coast in a van full of amazingly talented underground skaters and witnessing the abilities of skaters like Jake Rupp and Sean Mullendore firsthand was amazing. It was so obvious that these guys had something really special, and it was exciting to know that we were going to be the first to showcase it to the world.”

ollie youth static 3



SKATERS FEATURED: Bobby Puleo, John Igei, Kenny Reed, Paul Shier, Ricky Oyola, and Wayne Patrick

LOCATIONS: London, Barcelona, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Houston, and Cairo

JOSH’S FAVORITE MEMORY: “Paying off the security guards at the pyramids in Cairo and filming Kenny Reed ollie that handrail in front of the Great Sphinx has to be one of the most insane memories from the whole project. But when we filmed Ricky Oyola’s last trick for his part, it was probably the happiest I’ve ever been to capture a trick on film.”

ollie youth static 4



SKATERS FEATURED: Danny Renaud, Jahmal Williams, Nate Broussard, Olly Todd, Pat Stiener, Soy Panday, and Tony Manfre

LOCATIONS: London, New York City, Tel Aviv, Paris, Miami and Delhi

JOSH’S FAVORITE MEMORY: “We filmed the majority of this video in NYC, London, and Paris… probably my three favorite cities in the world. But our 2-week trip to India was one of the craziest experiences of my life. After almost dying twice from the worst food poisonings any man has ever suffered, we JUST missed being killed by three al-Qaeda bombings in the city; one going off just three buildings down from our hotel where I was bed-ridden puking my brains out.”

ollie youth static 5



SKATERS FEATURED: Jahmal Williams, Quim Cardona, Kevin Tierney, Steve Brandi, Vivien Feil, Aaron Herrington, Dustin Eggeling, Mark Wetzel, Yonnie Cruz, Ben Gore, Snowy, Brenden Carrol, Jimmy Lannon, Brian Clarke, Joel Meinholz, Vincent Alvarez, Pat Stiener, and Jake Johnson

LOCATIONS: New York City, London, Paris, San Fransciso

JOSH’S FAVORITE MEMORY:“I’ve never worked on any one project longer than the Static IV video. Literally 20% of my life was spent creeping around the streets of NYC late at night working on this project I thought I would never finish. Some of my favorite memories are of the long nights riding the subway trains of NYC trying to capture the amazing feeling of the NY underground. Overall, I’d have to say that finally finishing this opus was the best memory of all.”

ollie youth static 6

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