Old Lady With Awesome Tattoos

Who Says You’ll Regret That Tattoo in 50 Years?

How will you look when you're old and tattooed? Hopefully as awesome as these folks.

If you have ever gotten any body art, chances are you’ve heard the same phrase a hundred times: “What are you going to do when you’re old and wrinkly and your tattoo looks like crap?” Whether it’s your parents, friends or that annoyingly self-assured stranger asking the question, one thing remains true, it’s annoying.

Who says that you have to regret getting a tattoo when you’re old? Next time someone asks, show them this motley crew of bad ass seniors who still look super fly in their ink. You can check out the rest of the dope images here.

old man with knuckle tattoos
old man with full body tattos and peircings
old woman with full side tiger tattoo
old man fully body tattoo with and without clothing
Old Lady With Awesome Tattoos

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