Sleigh Bells performance Converse City Carnage

Oh Snap! Converse City Carnage: NYC

Sleigh Bells, Rye Rye, and a slew of snapshots celebrating music and skateboarding.

Converse City Carnage show

Converse City Carnage: NYC took place this past Friday on Pier 62 on the beautiful banks of the Hudson River. Throughout day notables made appearances—from Converse pro-skaters Kenny Anderson and Sammy Baca (along with a ton of others), to Dave Ortiz (of Dave’s Quality Meats / DQM), and model Bradley Solieau.

Openers, Mr. Dream and JEL warmed the crowd up for Rye Rye and Sleigh Bells! If you have ever seen Rye Rye perform, you know her energy level is off the charts, and she is nothing less than phenomenal! That girl can dance! A big surprise was when she called Porcelain Black to the stage to perform “DNA” with her—the crowd went wild! Porcelain Black is also the wife of model, Bradley Solieau.

Sleigh Bells was the finale and they sent the crowd into a frenzy! People started to mosh and seemed to be experiencing something a bit more spiritual than just a performance. Alexis raged on the stage in what looked like blood splattered Converse and with an arm full of bracelets and charms. She looked like a boss, she obviously felt like a boss, and at the end of her set, she thanked her audience for not dropping her during her stage dive—like a BOSS! (Rick Ross grunt)

Love converse

Converse fans

Converse fans

Ricky of Dee & Ricky Converse

Rye Rye NEET Converse

Rye Rye concert Converse

Rye Rye backup dancer

Sammy Baca Converse

Kenny Anderson skateboarder

Converse shoes are boring wear sneakers

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Sleigh Bells performance Converse City Carnage

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