Big Fun In The Big Town Doom "3 Dollars" Cover

Oh No and Big Fun Set Off Five Day Weekend 2012

Two major releases from the 5DW label pay homage to hip-hop's past and present. From the new Oh No album, to their new hip-hop documentary, we shed light on their other noteworthy releases.

Big Fun In The Big Town DVD Cover

Five Day Weekend is the name of the record label, and preservation is their game. Consider them part of your memory’s museum for rap, just like our homies at UPNORTHTRIPS do holding hip-hop dear to your frontal lobe. This year is extra special with two major projects coming from the 5DW house. Today, Big Fun in the Big Town arrives on DVD, a few years after it was screened at egotripland‘s summer movie series. LL Cool J, Run DMC, and DJ Grandmaster Flash are filmed by Bram van Splunteren in 1986, the nascent time of their careers and hip-hop music in New York City. Before today’s big roll-out for the Splunteren production, 5DW also dropped another jewel, “3 Dollars” the first single from Oh No and Doom from the Ohonomite album. Nothing but heat coming from Five dub. What’s new is just as crucial as what they’ve dropped in the past. Much of Mass Appeal‘s historical figures are canonized in their archive of media.

Rappin’ with the Rickster 1990-1994 was the first incarnation of the public access show that preceded Ricky Powell‘s current sit-down’s with today’s generation of rhyme slingers and spin doctors.

Speaking of DJs, you never seen or heard a disc jockey turn a party out like Edan a.k.a. the white Big Daddy Kane. His album Echo Party was released in conjunction with a video showcasing his mastery of scratching and mixing, set to the imagery of graf in the ’80s and Afrika Bambaataa.

Lastly, 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s was probably the 5DW magnum opus, documenting NY gang culture way before your favorite rapper took the word “gang” and trivialized it into a Twitter crew. Real cats like RATKING, the uptown rap collective lead by Wikispeaks paid homage to the 2010 doc, sampling it, and sending a message to lames on Wiki’s “1993.” “You know what I wanna tell them young suckas out there that are still in the clubs, they better wake up before they fall asleep and never wake up again. Because if they don’t wake up again—night night sweetheart.” Do yourself a favor and don’t hit the snooze this year on 5DW, dogs.

"3 Dollars" Doom Vinyl Cover


Big Fun In The Big Town Doom "3 Dollars" Cover

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