“Off Tha’ Wall” – The Doppelgangaz

This episode of Off Tha' Wall features the hip-hop duo Doppelgangaz. The Ghastly Duo touched on everything from their early musical influences to EP's crush on Roseanne Barr to Matter Ov Fact's legendary death row meal and more.

This episode of Off Tha’ Wall features the hip hop duo Doppelgangaz. The ‘Gangaz aren’t your run-of-the-mill rap group. Typically appearing cloaked out, rapper/producers Matter Ov Fact and EP mix haunting production with their balance of gritty, raw lyrics and humor. Mirroring their tunes, they brought nothing but honesty and jokes to our interview with them.

The Ghastly Duo touched on everything from their early musical influences, to EP’s crush on Roseanne Barr, to Matter Ov Fact’s legendary death row meal and more. These two had us in tears with their jokes as well as nodding in agreement to their genuine statements.

After you watch the clip, make sure to listen to the Doppelgangaz newest release, HARK!, which dropped earlier this year. The album is entirely produced by the tag team, and frankly it’s fucking sick.



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