“Off Tha’ Wall” – Lil Wayne

We headed down to Miami to chop it up with Lil Wayne for a brand new Off Tha' Wall. Weezy spoke about his new shoe line, guilty pleasure and the time Stevie Wonder went off on him.

So we decided to turn it up a bit for this episode of Off Tha’ Wall, by traveling down to Miami to chill with Lil Wayne at the launch of his new shoe line, SPECTRE by SUPRA. Weezy has been in the news lately in regards to his health and business ventures. He appeared to be in excellent standing on both fronts during our encounter, as he celebrated his new endeavor with several friends, skaters and a house packed full of guests.

Despite all that was going on, Lil Tunechi made time to speak with us about his new kicks, the time Stevie Wonder yelled at him, and what sparked his interest into skating, among other things.

NOTE: Sadly, Birdman was not in attendance. *Brrrrr*

Lil Wayne showing off the Griffin from his new line SPECTRE by SUPRA
 Unfortunately Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins does not look rich as fuck. But he is on twitter: @Jersey_Jinx

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