Syd the Kid Odd Future OFWGKTA The Internet Interview

Odd Future’s Syd the Kyd Talks Music, Identity and The Internet

Syd The Kid, Odd Future's engineer/DJ and The Internet's frontwoman, talks about her personal and artistic evolution.

The Internet Syd tha Kyd band

What’s the difference between performing with just Matt and the band versus all of OFWGKTA?

The crowd, because our energies are way different. It’s a huge difference, you know, it’s going from deejaying for one; no microphone, just speaking with my hands and with the music I play, and dancing for an hour and a half, non-stop to a more calm, groovy kind of vibe. Something that’s more natural to me, which is why I left touring with them to do this. It’s a big difference, the crowd though is the main difference. At Odd Future shows, you look into the crowd, they’re either into [it] because they know the song or they wish they knew the song. So they could be into it, so they’re just staring blankly up at you. With this, it’s like I can speak to people now, you know I can look at people in their eyes and speak directly to them. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, at least once.

So low-key, you’ve always wanted to be a singer-performer?

I’ve always wanted to hold the mic on stage, at least once. It’s like every shy person’s dream. I’ve always wanted to be a rock star, but I’m just ultra shy and scared. Yeah, every shy person’s dream, to rock a fucking crowd and be wild. Of course, shit, everyone gets nervous. Before every show, my stomach is like somewhere else.

“Trust me, but I’ve always wanted to rock a crowd at least once, and now I’m doing it with my friends. So it makes doing it more than once perfectly fine with me. It’s a cool job; it’s cooler than any other job.” – Syd the Kyd

What’s next for you and The Internet? I saw that you all were working on the Feel Good EP, how’s that coming along?

We’re still working on it. It’s going to end up being like a “The Internet Presents…” kind of thing where we just produce, and have a bunch of our friends featured on it. So far, we’ve got Jesse Boykins [III], The Stepkids, and some other people. Yeah, I’m excited; I’m ready to finish it. I’m excited to see how people feel about it.

Also, I notice you and Matt were in the process of shooting a documentary, The Feng Shui Experiment, where you all document the positives and negatives of the music industry, could you please elaborate more on that?

Well, The Feng Shui Experiment is still happening.

[MM: Yeah, we’re still working on it, just made a few changes; you’ll see.]

S: Yeah, it’s being tweaked a little bit, the whole story of it. It’s still very much about the music industry, the ups and downs of it, but we’re actually working on putting together our own independent label, called Pizza Wave.

Pizza Wave?

Yeah, random I know, but it works. Pizza Wave, and so Feng Shui Experiment would be a little bit more about creating an indie label; this shit is new to us, you know, I mean I have a label with five others, but it’s not indie. So this is going to be new to us, and we’re going to be doing this whole DIY thing, and taking everything, doing everything ourselves.”

What advice would you give to young women who are aspiring artists, who look at you and say, “I want to be like Syd!”?

S: Don’t try to be like nobody. [laughs] Try to be someone you would admire.”

MM: Just be yourself.

S: Try to be someone you would admire, that’s what I always did. You know I didn’t always like myself at all. You know? In high school, I realized that the goal is to be someone you would admire. Be someone you would like. Yeah, try to be someone you would admire, and try to do whatever you do to the best of your ability because then no one could tell you anything! [Laughs]

Odd Future OFWGKTA The Internet Odd Future Records

I applaud and commend you for fearlessly being you. In most of the Odd Future interviews, you were seen, but not heard. When did you start becoming comfortable with yourself?

Well, to be honest I still want to stay behind-the-scenes. This whole like, being a singer is still kind of taking some getting used to. We’ll see how it goes, but, as far as being comfortable with myself, I began to take my own advice. I started trying to be someone I wanted to be, I started trying to be someone I would admire, and it worked. I don’t know, I just started letting go, and saying, “Fuck what everyone else thinks!” like If I want to do this, if I want to cut my fucking hair, I’m going to cut my hair, you know? If I want to dress like this, I’ll dress like this. I just stopped worrying about others’ opinions, and began worrying about my own opinion.

In ten years where do you see yourself?

In ten years, I’ll be thirty. [Laughs] In ten years, I want to have at least one million dollars and that’s about it. I want to have at least one million dollars. [Laughs]

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Syd the Kid Odd Future OFWGKTA The Internet Interview

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  • Tif

    really good interview good to read more about syd and what shes doing

  • Themom

    Syd is an amazing artist and person.  I know her better than (probably) anyone and when I read an interview with her, I’m amazed by what she thinks and says.  Her spirit is absolutely amazing.  Don’t count her out for the long haul.  

  • JHoDCo

    If you’re for equal rights all, you’re a feminist. Public figures hating on the “F” word down sets thousands of young girls up for failure. Putting gay artists down for using their talent to get out the word isn’t doing anyone any favors. There is a reason Syd can be out and it not be a big deal, it’s because thousands before here dared to be out and “use the gay thing too much” to educate the general public that there are gay people in every corner of life, the hip hop scene, the pro-sport scene, the political scene. I hope Syd can educate herself and become a more positive force in music- she’s got the talent.

  • Wishing her nothing but the best. Who knew that crew had so much talent.

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  • oftalk

    syd’s mom?

  • Lilo90

    yo how do you get to the next page