Tyler, the Creator & Domo Genesis “Sam (Is Dead)” Video

The Odd Future epic mini-movie.

Odd Future is back with its third visual for their March release of the Odd Future Vol. 2 project. The gang, directed by leader Tyler, the Creator aka Wolf Haley, gives us an approximately seven minute short film with their song “Sam (Is Dead)” as the score. As usual one should expect the unexpected from the gang, as they deliver this absurd Vietnam War-esk treatment, with a wide array of cast members like Earl Sweatshirt, Trash Talk’s Lee Speilman, and other OF affiliates.

The cinematography of the video is superb and the overall quality of the short film is levels above their recently released videos for “Ned Flander,” “Oldie,” and “Rella.” The camera captures OF and friends as they march through the forest on a search for Tyler, who is being interrogated by who, Tyler himself. We’ll cut to the chase for those with short attention spans: Tyler, the military officer ultimately kills normal Tyler leaving him in a trench with other members of the group, while Lee Spielman, Tyler, Lucas, and Lionel stand over the pit full of bodies; providing a distinct confusing yet intrigued feeling for the viewer.

The confusion that surrounds the plot adds to the overall complexity and high quality of the short film, as well as complement the crew’s unpredictable style and antics. Overall the concept of the short film/video and the idea of a military based plot is creative enough to make the video worth your while to watch. Trust. If you dig it and haven’t gotten a chance to see what Odd Future Vol. 2 is all about, make sure to grab the album at any local or online retailer.

Odd Future "Sam Is Dead" Video

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