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Odd Future Terrorizes the BuzzFeed Office

Odd Future Terrorizes the BuzzFeed Office

Tyler, the Creator and the Odd Future crew visited the offices of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post today in New York to promote of the third season of their Adult Swim show, “Loiter Squad,” which premieres at midnight, May 15. Though they were well received at The Huffington Post, the crew’s visit earlier that day to the BuzzFeed offices didn’t go as well. BuzzFeed staff members took to Twitter to air out their grievances about Odd Future terrorizing them and disturbing the workplace:







Tyler, the Creator responded to those tweets via his own Twitter account, giving his perspective on what happened.


Later that day at The Huffington Post office, Odd Future collectively addressed the issue, calling the BuzzFeed office “boring,” and Tyler, the Creator commented that “half the people there didn’t like me.” Intending to bring some fun to the office, the Odd Future crew quickly found out that the site’s employees weren’t interested. “I guess some of the people who work in the office [were like], ‘I’m above this, oh my god, we’re working, we have strong opinions,'” Tyler said. “We just came in there trying to bring in so much yellow freaking filling to their gray, boring [lives].”

Tyler did clarify that some of the people at BuzzFeed were great, though the negative reaction from some employees “bummed [him] out.” Watch a clip from the interview discussing the BuzzFeed visit below, and check the player above for the full 32-minute clip.

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