Ghost of the hotel

Odd Future Presents “The Ghost Of The Hotel (The Movie)”

Check out Odd Future's The Ghost Of The Hotel...The Greatest Movie Of All Time?

The Odd Future boys dropped off a Halloween themed movie last night and it’s quite the slasher. The movie begins with young Taco Bennett starring as the “4 year old girl” that has fallen victim to the hotel’s ghost. Detectives, played by OFWGKTA’s “L-BOY” and Earl Sweatshirt, discover Taco’s fallen and pants-less body in the stairwell of the eerie hotel and their investigation ensues.

With cameos by Odd Future’s Jasper Dolphin and Tyler – …or Wolf…or T-Dollaz…or was it Ace… I dunno, you fucking decide – this cast of character proves to be a tour de force that will, for roughly six minutes, send you on a twisting, turning, anxiety-inducing journey teeming with mystery and that Odd Future humor that we all know so well. If you have the time I implore you to take a break from your meager workday to find out the conclusion of this tale of mystery, deceit, and vengeance that ends in a twist that would have M. Night Shyamalan reeling in discontent.

Although some may find this to be high on the trolling scale and, frankly, may be pissed after devoting six minutes of their day to viewing, it’s important to keep in mind the Odd Future aesthetic. Most of what they do is out of the desire to entertain themselves and immediate peers. Roaches may not have been eaten, no bacon was cooked and “L Boy” may not have been covered in cheese, but a boring night in a hotel turned into a six minute murder mystery starring, produced, and directed by the Odd Future guys themselves. They’ve teased the idea of making motion pictures –  most recently echoed by Tyler when addressing a spat between himself and Will.I.Am – and there’s been a steady progression when it comes to the visuals produced by the collective from their days of destroying sidekicks in the mall to Tyler’s recent direction for the video for the song “Glowing” by a band that still remains anonymous. All in all you could tell this was a project to be shared, laughed at and enjoyed by a bunch of friends. Hey, if you dig it you do and if you don’t you don’t; at the end of the day no one’s gonna care. Once again OF get’s the last laugh.

Ghost of the hotel

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