Belong Short Film

Odd Future “Belong” is a Skate Film and Anti-Bullying PSA

Fuck bullies.

Odd Future teams up with director Lije Sarki for the new short film Belong, featuring skating from Lui Elliot and Sean Pablo, as well as original music composed by Left Brain.

The film tells the tale of a young kid who— after getting beat up by some dudes for being a skater— finds a quiet spot to start a night session, joined by many of his skater brethren and even some girls. In the end, one of the bullies has to watch the skaters enjoying themselves from afar and walks away knowing he doesn’t belong there.

The story serves as an unofficial public service announcement against bullying. Oh yeah, and confirmation that skaters apparently get all the chicks.

Even though skateboarding these days is a “cool” thing to do in most places, it still started out as a subculture. Before mainstream exposure, kids and adults alike were in it simply for the love. Even now, with the skate industry having become a big money operation, skate culture still offers a sense of belonging for those that are part of it; and it is always accepting new recruits. Check out this clip and let us know what you think!

Belong Short Film

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