DJ Cassidy Barack Obama Campaign

Obama’s Campaign Taps DJ Cassidy as Spokesperson

Bring the record back for 4 more years.

The Obama for America campaign has officially deployed its small faction of DJs to encourage people to re-elect Barack Obama this year. DJ Cassidy is the key spokesperson for the group of deejays consisting of DJ Rashida, D-Nice, Steve Aoki, DJ Irie, and DJ Adam 12. Up until yesterday, endorsements from high-profile deejays like this set has been relatively unknown. Unless you attended some of the events they’ve spun at recently, or read about it in your local celebrity rag reporting on the “it” parties they played at, then you’re probably outside the bubble.

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new to Obama for America. Jay-Z to Sarah Jessica Parker are in his pocket, but DJs haven’t been known to be major figures working with his campaign as voices. Well, a dude like Cassidy is up front and center in a new promotional video that shows himself and his fellow DJs providing the musical backdrop for their events. In the past, the campaign hasn’t shown off the deejays playing at their events, probably out of concern for Obama’s alignment with certain types of music. You look at a dude like Cassidy, and his playlist is likely to resonate with all ages, regardless of how much it might feel like a family bbq and not a good night at Santos. Despite what you might think, there isn’t a guy like Funkmaster Flex revisiting his cameo in Chris Rock’s Head of State. Maybe the OG D-Nice comes close to that. Their campaign isn’t running on the hip-hop ticket, but rappers have aided in Obama’s reach with the core African-American and Latino communities who know more about rap trends than they do a candidate’s policies.

The Daily Beast recently profiled the music and the DJs influencing Obama’s campaign, interviewing your friendly E-I-C on my involvement spinning at three Obama fundraisers in 2008. Four years ago, the DJ had no platform as a voice in the campaign aside from being the evening’s entertainment, which helps to lure in people with deep pockets, or celebrate Obama’s victory like Cassidy did at an event hosted by Diddy. Will there be more endorsements from a cat like Cassidy? Do people take him as seriously as his music, or his hat? “Four years is great, but eight is what we need.” Flex, drop a bomb on that.

DJ Cassidy Barack Obama Campaign

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