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NYT Report: Pre-Pubescent Virgins Dominate Sneaker Reselling

NYT Report: Pre-Pubescent Virgins Dominate Sneaker Reselling


The New York Times recently penned a profile documenting the world of sneaker reselling. In the article, a keen focus is paid to the younger generation being the main proprietors of various sneaker conventions across the country. Thousands of dollars are made through the selling and trading of the most limited sneakers, with kids who reportedly have collections that are worth a car note.

One particular part of the article reigns dominant over the rest of the subjects interviewed. Jonathan Rodriguez owns the rarest pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red Octobers” because he had his pair signed by Kanye West himself at one of his New York stops on the Yeezus tour.

Rodriguez was offered $98,000 for his pair, but declined:

“I know I could buy a house with this kind of money,” said the vendor, Jonathan Rodriguez, 18, of Deer Park, N.Y., who said he planned to enlist in the Air Force. “But I’m a huge Kanye West fan. I can just work to get the money. The only way I’m selling them is if there is a reason that I need to sell or I’m offered life-changing money.”

With 98K, homeboy could hit the strip club and finally see his first pair of cans. Who knows, maybe he even gets lucky and takes a trip to the VIP Room to finally become a man. Surely this is what Yeezus West would want little Jonathan to do. Drunk and hot girls > Air Yeezys.

Photo from the New York Times profile on the world of Sneaker Reselling.

These frail looking tween boys might not know what the warmth of a woman feels like, but the virgins do know what lacing up a fresh pair of Nikes feels like. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

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