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NY’s Hip-Hop Revival and The Megapixels That Created It

Authenticity is the key to shooting a music video in NY. Director, Vic Reznik of Mr. MFN eXquire's "Huzzah" examines the landscape of the city's brightest talent on the small screen.

Wikispeaks, the untamed Upper West Side high school senior, who’s the rap Cory Matthews on Adderall, represents the next generation of this visual revolution. The world Wiki inhabits is slow, disillusioned, filled with blunt guts and stale smoke, but it’s very much theirs. Wiki and his Brooklyn counterparts, the insanely talented Pro.Era are the result of this de-centralized music industry that is empowering the creators, allowing them to just add their voice to a conversation that had previously shut them out by making the process unrealistically expensive. The funny thing is that the process is so natural for these young artists, they don’t even feel the wave they’re creating. The only difference between dropping a video ten people see and ten million people see is the counter under the viewer and a lot of e-mails from strangers.

“People tell us we’re revolutionary all the time, but don’t look at ourselves that way.” – Steez of Pro.Era

“Me I’m from Flatbush, you have to have a hard exterior, but you have to be smart otherwise you’ll never make it out the hood,” Steez continues. These kids have grown up with all of the world’s information coming at them through a wireless signal on their cell phones, so it doesn’t make any sense for them to do things any other way. The technology to create is so readily available that self sufficient kids who don’t give a fuck about school have the opportunity to turn their delinquent afternoons into record deals or ever more popular indie companies run by their boys. Steez says, “I have a problem paying attention, and it’s funny ’cause I wrote that song in History class. That’s kind of the whole thing, like instead of paying attention in school I was doing my own thing.” Pro.Era’s video for “Survival Tactics” has over one hundred thousand views in just a month.

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A$AP Rocky Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire Action Bronson Joey Bada$$ rappers

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