NYPD Arrests Dead Guy

NYPD Sued For One Dozen Attempts to Arrest Deceased Man

The NYPD has no chill.

The NYPD have been desperate to arrest James E. Jordan, a former security guard with a minor criminal history, for years now. The manhunt has been unsuccessful, however, because Jordan died from diabetes almost a decade ago. The NYPD refused to let this detail get in the way of their search though, and have raided Jordan’s Bushwick home over twelve times since his death in 2006. Jordan’s widow, Karen Fennell, said the police “go through my entire house, turning out drawers, looking in closets, harassing my children and asking them terrible questions.” After the first half-dozen or so raids, Fennell posted Jordan’s death certificate on her front door, but even that hasn’t stopped the cops.

Police have been back four times this year, allegedly entering the house without a warrant and demanding to know the deceased man’s whereabouts. Unable to locate Jordan, cops settled for arresting his 31-year-old son, James Jordan Jr., and his friend Anthony Solis, for possession of a pocket knife. Although charges were dropped, Fennell, Jordan Jr., and Solis have filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, seeking unspecified monetary damages. “My dad’s spirit is here. But you can’t arrest his spirit,” Jordan Jr. said. “Even when you’re dead, you still get harassed.”

NYPD Arrests Dead Guy

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