Eugene Donnelly Arrested

NYPD Officer Wins Award, Becomes Wanted Criminal Same Night

"The Hangover" starring the NYPD.

The NYPD didn’t have to look far to find the man who busted into a Bronx apartment and assaulted a woman— because the perpetrator was a NYPD officer. On June 10, Eugene Donnelly accepted an award for shooting and arresting a gunman who fired at him. He celebrated the award with a night of hard drinking, and ended up crashing at a friend’s apartment. But the party didn’t stop there; the cop wandered out of the apartment clad in nothing but his boxers.

When he returned at 5:30 am, the nearly-nude officer apparently couldn’t figure out which apartment was his friend’s and broke into another apartment instead. Upon discovering the woman who lived in the apartment, Donnelly allegedly “threw the victim to the floor and began punching her on the face and head.” Officers investigating the crime made a wanted flyer, using a picture of Donnelly drunkenly staring into the apartment building’s surveillance camera. But before the flyer was circulated, NYPD realized the offender was one of their own. Donnelly is now under investigation by the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and the Bronx district attorney’s office.

Although the NYPD probably aren’t happy about their award-winning officer becoming a wanted criminal overnight, they can at least be relieved that he didn’t shoot anyone while off-duty.

Eugene Donnelly Arrested

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    That’s the wrong picture to be using! That is a picture of Captain Ray Lewis being arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC in 2011, and has no business here, alongside a story about a creep!

  • acmavm

    Right you are!

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    Capt. Ray is one of the good guys.