Nylo talks about rappers in recording studios and flying to the moon.

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Photo Dan Monick As told to Rachel Murphy

Name: Nylo

Age: 23

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, producer

Heritage: Greek, German, Irish and a little Native American

Relationship Status: Single

You played at Mass Appeal’s Ice Cream SXSW Social. 

Yeah, that was a dream come true because I’ve been a big fan of Kendrick [Lamar] for a while. Being able to share the same stage as him was a really amazing feeling. My music has a lot of hip hop influences but, even still, I feel like people wouldn’t expect it. But I got a lot of love from everybody down there.

Nas is a big fan.

Yeah, I’m still amazed that someone like Nas listens to my music. It puts everything in perspective. Now, when I’m making music, I never want to release anything that Nas wouldn’t be proud of, which is funny, listening to the J. Cole song. I know how he feels.

Haha, I’m sure. Apart from Nas, what artists do you like? 

I’m listening to a lot of James Blake, Radiohead, Miguel and Kendrick Lamar. I like rap music, classical music and then, if there was a genre that was Radiohead, I like them too [laughs].

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I would definitely be an astronaut. I wanna go to space. My goal in life is to make enough money to buy the $250,000 ticket to go to the moon.

What’s your favorite food?

I really like Dippin’ Dots … and Trix and I like Spanakopita, which is a Greek spinach pie. If I’m ever gonna treat myself, it will be candy. I love sugar.

Would you rather date a rapper or a rockstar?

Ughh … neither [laughs]. Definitely not a rapper, I know too much about rappers. It’s so funny, if you ever share a studio with a rap artist, it’s literally like a Lil Wayne Song. All that stuff he talks about is completely true, so definitely no dating rappers.

Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and Usher: Who would you marry, have sex with, and dump?

[Laughs] Dump Usher, marry Pharrell and have sex with Justin Timberlake. Pharrell is a genius and he’s gorgeous. Justin Timberlake is obviously incredibly talented but probably better for a short period of time. Usher, clearly if you heard “Confessions,” he’s not the relationship kind of person.

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