nylo off tha wall interview

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Nylo

Nylo talks Stevie Nicks, Sailor Moon, and wanting to become a gymnast in our latest episode of Off Tha' Wall.

In this episode of Off Tha’ Wall we were graced with the lovely presence of singer-songwriter Nylo (aka issue 53’s Miss Appeal). The Chi-town songstress started her rise to fame last year after releasing her debut project Memories Speak. Her buzz continued to grow after getting sampled by Mac Miller, receiving  a co-sign from Nas, and getting signed to Epic Records. After releasing Indigo Summer Nylo is still in work mode getting ready to drop her next project Indigo Rose.

Nylo visited out office to talk about being influenced by Stevie Nicks and Whitney Houston, wanting to be a gymnast like Dominique Moceanu, her ambitions of become an astronaut, and why “Sailor Moon” is her favorite superhero — it’s cause of her fashion sense and bad ass attitude. Nylo may seem a bad ass herself, but we found out pretty quickly that she’s a sweet girl with a heart of gold.

nylo off tha wall interview

nylo off tha wall interview

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