NYLO “Indigo Summer” Exclusive Preview

An exclusive look at the upcoming mixtape, Indigo Summer from fledgling music prodigy, Nylo.

A while back, we shared the debut music video, “Fool Me Once,” from singer/songwriter Nylo. That was the first hint of what’s to come from Nylo’s debut mixtape, Indigo Summer, which features haunting, airy vocals breezing over a hybrid sound of RnB, electro and hip hop. Indigo Summer drops this Tuesday, July 16th followed by Indigo Rose which is scheduled to release this fall.

Listen to our exclusive preview below, where Nylo’s voice trickles from melodic, sultry ballads to trippy paced tunes; all the while maintaining her signature genre blending haze of sound.

For a more in-depth encounter with this ethereal ingenue, check out Issue 53 of Mass Appeal, which will be out very soon.



01. Nobody Has To Know
Produced By: Tricky Stewart

02. Fool Me Once
Produced By: Soundz

03. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Produced By: Boogie, Cash, Nylo
Guitar By: Black Bear

04. Cocaine Hearts
Produced By: Fisticuffs, Nylo

05. Take it Back
Produced By: 55 Billion, Nylo

06. Blurred Lines
Produced By:  Nylo

07. Rent Free
Produced By: 55 Billion

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