NYC Fashion Influencers Talk Spring Style

Where'd you get yo' style from?

Photo of the Dice The God, one of Mass Appeal's Spring Fashion Influencers.

Dice the God
Promoter/”That Dude”/Owner: The City of Gods
Twitter Instagram

“Spring 2014 is gonna be a big year for fashion especially in streetwear. A lot of brands are doing amazing things, including my brand The City of Gods. It’s that time of year you can start wearing colors and allow yourself to be noticed.”

“I’m gonna be rocking hoodies, crewneck sweaters and light jackets. It’s a very versatile season in regard to fashion. With the unpredictable weather, you can wear shorts and a tee one day, and will have to wear a jacket the next.”

Trend Forecast:
“The kids are sticking to black and white, which seems to have been the cool thing for the past year or so. That’s a little too safe for me. I’m definitely breaking out the colors this year; I’ve seen some Comme des Garçons, Phillip Lim, and a few streetwear pieces I’ll be rocking this spring.”

Spring Happenings:
“This year is gonna be great for me. The City of Gods has been doing well and is now available in a few stores. Last year I had a weekly party called “Bible Study.” I’m gonna bring it back this spring, just not weekly. The first one will coincide with the release of TCOG Spring Collection. That should be in April sometime.”

Louis Songor

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