NYC Fashion Influencers Talk Spring Style

Where'd you get yo' style from?

With the spring season upon us, the time has come to ditch the layers of heavy clothing and instead lighten up. It’s now time to dive into the colorful world of the season’s fashion, and do so headfirst.

To get the full report on men’s spring style, Mass Appeal hit up a few of the most dapper NYC fashion influencers. These gentleman traverse the worlds of music, streetwear, and the city’s buzzing nightlife. Rome Fortune, Mr. Throwback, Dice the God and Louis Songor all hit us with their spring essentials, trend forecasts, and what they have going down this season. Stunting season is in full effect!

Photo of Rome Fortune, one of Mass Appeal's Spring Fashion Influencers.

Rome Fortune
Rapper/Cowboy Pimp (NYC via ATL)
Twitter Instagram

“Spring fashion to me is everybody who’s into personal style collectively being able to play with the moderate temps via fabric. After surviving a New York winter, I like to be able to mix and match staple pieces associated with each season.”

“A camo trenchcoat over a sleeveless hoody paired with custom chino shorts and your favorite trainer is something that I think is dope but also confuses people (which is the point).”

Trend Forecast:
“I think that jumpsuits are going to come back heavy. Overalls have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. I see a few high fashion houses have tried their take on them but I’m going to stick to the Dickies. If it aint broke…”

“My favorite thing about spring is coming back to NY and seeing everybody out styling, the energy that takes over that city when warm weather approaches is untouchable. It’s just an overall inspiring place to put me in the mindset of things to come.”

Spring Happenings:
“I have an EP with Dundeal,  Drives, Thighs, and Lies, releasing April 30th. It has a pretty crazy feature on there and the music as a whole is going to throw people for a loop. I pride myself on my visuals so my video releases should be nuts. Other than that, a bunch of college shows, writing for big artists and just really laying groundwork down for the rest of the year.”

Mr. Throwback

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