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NY Nightlife is Remodeled by BPM LWR LVL

NY Nightlife is Remodeled by BPM LWR LVL


Tribeca Grand Hotel Basement Party BPM LWR LVL NYC

Before we chunk up the deuce to that ball of fire in the sky as we approach the end of summer, you must learn about this year’s BPM LWR LVL party. By the look of the BPM LWR LVL jumpoff—complete with a visual element of video invites and weekly photography recaps—it looks like the type of event all the cool kids would attend between Monday and Thursday, at obscure haunts between Brooklyn and NYC’s Lower East Side. Well, they own the weekend too, every other Saturday actually at a mainstream venue like the TriBeCa Grand Hotel. BPM LWR LVL takes over the basement however, keeping in line with their underground taste in genre-defying remixes of popular music, and original productions played by its multi-talented lineup of DJs.

Currently in its second year, BPM LWR LVL has eclipsed 2011’s series previously held at LES party locale, Tammany Hall. Thus far, the volume of attendees is increasing beyond the familiar faces, attracting notables like Chloe Sevigny to pro-model Anna Schilling (above). Tonight’s your chance to catch up before they bid farewell to the summer that was.