NugBrand Medicinal Weed Sticker

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Nugbrand models Miami weed cannabis

NugBrand made you look. Check Mass Appeal daily as we document a player in the sticker game. Behind their shameless promotion in the physical realm, there also lies their digital presence as a website, Tumblr, or Twitter handle. That’s what’s up.

Nugbrand Canoe Sticker New York City

Nugbrand sticker medicinal weed

Sticker: NugBrand

Graphic: 1) NugBrand Rasta Canoe Sticker 2) Get Medicated Sticker

Location: Along Houston St., NYC.

Adjoined Adhesives Above: Fool’s Gold, New York Cosmos


Context: Not all weed paraphernalia is made the same, just like how no two snowflakes are alike. NugBrand is a Miami based clothing company setting itself a part from the other T-shirts and hats that pander to the weed crowd. Not everyone wants just another marijuana trefoil proudly screenprinted on their person. If only you could rock that funky tee purchased at your hometown music festival. Enter NugBrand, who believes some of their tees, and polos from their Simplicity Line is safe enough for work, whether or not you’re a surfer, rasta, or straight up weed head. Their embroidered logo of a Cannabis nugget is a dead giveaway of high times. But if you were baked enough, you could probably tell someone it’s a dead crocodile or alligator that had to tangle with your laundry lady. That chick cray!

The NugBrand stickers come in two models: the red, yellow and greene canoe, and the green medicine logo. Then there’s the actual fit models putting on the NugBrand wears. If it’s eye candy you want to see rocking NugBrand, then go to their website with the munchies. They’ll fix you up real good.

Check out their About page too for some insight on NugBrand. Their story, in a nutshell, is about most independent companies who at some point had to face off with a big rich one. In NugBrand’s case, their five year journey consists of a legal dispute with UGG Australia who felt the extra “G” in NugBrand would confuse UGG customers who intend to purchase the sheep fur lined boots, not weed inspired gear. The smoke is clear on that issue. Put your lighters up for NugBrand.

NugBrand Medicinal Weed Sticker

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  • Nicole

    NugBrand is awesome!! Amazing designs, great quality product and an fun crazy interesting staff. Not to mention their huge Nug Mascot NUGGY!!! 😀