Cafe Clope VHS Tape Skateboarding

Skate Video of the Week: Cafe Clope

From Paris. With Love.

On the Lord’s day, #OnTheGrind calls out a new skate edit that slapped us out of our boredom during the work week and reminded us why we were born to roll, and we share it with you. 

Three things right off the bat with this one; it’s French, it’s got a girl ripping, and it starts off with an INXS song. Are you fucking serious? This is the Bermuda Triangle of awesome skateboarding: new terrain, unexpectedness, and a tasty soundtrack. French skateshop Nozbone got it on the head with their new edit “Café Clope.” It’s the subtleties man. They’ve got Lisa Jacob shredding to Robert Gordon’s “Fire,” some Elvis/Johnny Cash neo-rockabilly goodness. It’s amazing and heartfelt. They’ve got Akim Chérif skating to The Clash’s “Killing An Arab.” It’s brilliant, ironic, and fucking bad ass! And a whole firecracker mix of homies (Remy Taviera, Oscar Candon, Samuel Partaix) that rip to Les Poppy’s “Non Non Rien N’a” and end with a bro power-ollieing into a 5050 grind down a curved rail. WTF? You Frenchies, you. So classy, so edgy, so skateboarding! Click play above to watch the video.

Cafe Clope Guy Smiling With Camera Flash Equipment

Lisa Jacob Grinding Street Rail for Cafe Clope

Cafe Clope VHS Tape Skateboarding

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