Nate Sherwood getting sick.

The Notorious N.A.T.E.

Skateboarding's weirdo hero.

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Notorious Nate first landed on my radar via Fuel TV’s (when it used to be an action sports channel) “American Misfits” show. In every episode, Nate would have a zany, off-the-wall segment where he’d just be doing the most bizarre and unscripted things in the street, along with the most amazing tricks on his board. I didn’t know it then, but I was enamored. It was weird, but it wasn’t an act. It was a tiny peek into the spectrum of one of skateboarding’s most unsung heroes, or weirdos, however you want to see it.

The truth is that Nate Sherwood (his real name) is one part freak-of-skateboard-nature, another part the goddamn friendliest, most genuine dude on or off the board. You can tell from his interviews. From the way he describes being teased for having turrets syndrome and dyslexia, to the way he’s embraced skateboarding as “the most non-conformist” thing he could do, to the way he’s been ousted from the superficial “industry” aspect of sponsorships, it’s all real, weird, and from the heart.

Check out his Ride Channel segment up top (and “American Misfits” segment down below) to get a glimpse for yourself. Afterwards, check out Nate’s latest venture and shop, Eduskate, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Nate Sherwood riding a tiny skateboard
Nate Sherwood landing a trick on a tiny skateboard

Nate Sherwood getting sick.

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