Irish Gangster Puts A Hit Out On His Would Be Hitman

Notorious Gangster’s $40,000 Will Guarantees More Bloodshed

A notorious Irish gangster known only as Mr. Big (not dude from Sex and the City) has put up a $40,000 bounty on an unnamed rival’s head as a grim insurance policy to protect his own life. The Irish Daily Star reports that Mr. Big, joint chief of an Irish drug gang, was responsible for the 2012 murder of Alan Ryan, head of the Real IRA. Ryan had been running an extortion racket targeting Irish criminals, but the gang refused to turn over any cash, and had him murdered instead. Gangland criminals are also believed to be responsible for the death of Real IRA member ‘Fat’ Deccy Smith last month. As a result, the Real IRA, a paramilitary organization with access to serious weaponry, is ready to exact revenge.

A source told The Star that Mr. Big “knows he is in serious trouble and wants to take someone with him if he gets killed.” That someone is an associate of Ryan, and the gang leader hopes “that the Ryan gang will be prevented from going after him, knowing one of their people will be done in return.” However, the source says that “he is wrong about that,” and that Ryan’s gang “will stop at nothing to get him.”

Irish Gangster Puts A Hit Out On His Would Be Hitman

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