Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone

Nokia’s 808 Pureview Smartphone is Coming To America

Nokia dumbed out with a 41 megapixel camera for their latest smartphone.

Nokia stays catching Ls even when it’s on the verge of winning. They were once a powerful manufacturer of great mobile phones—remember the Nokia 7710, the first touch screen phone with expandable memory slots? Now Nokia is seeing its stocks decline on Wall Street, resulting in thousands of lay offs. In the eyes of Nokia’s fan-boys, including yours truly, they can’t seem to get it right. Below are some bullet point stats on the former world shareholder of phones:

WIN: The Finnish phone manufacturer stunned the world months ago when it revealed the Nokia 808 Pureview, a 41 megapixel camera, built into a smartphone at WWDC 2012.

L: The phone would be rocking Symbian Belle, an operating system teetering on its last cane before Nokia totally assimilates to Windows.

WIN: The phone will hit European nations, the usual testing grounds, before hitting Asia and North America.

L: The price of the phone will be ridiculous, over 1000 Euros.

WIN: The Pureview will make its grand entrance in the US some time this year.

L: The Pureview will only be available on AT&T; and as a 2G phone on T-Mobile. WTF?!!

WIN: It will be available as a sim-free phone via Amazon, which is taking pre-orders this week.

L: It will cost ya $700.00

WIN: The Carl Zeiss lens, 1080p recording, and stunning image capability even in zoom.

L: Plastic body that recalls the N97

We’re just baffled by its availability as a 2G T-Mobile smartphone. And Symbian Belle. Really? Come on, son! Who makes apps for that OS? Wasn’t Instagram around when Nokia invented this thing? Wow. Just wow.



Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone

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  • Adam

    Actually it will be available as 3g on the t-mobile network. Please update.