American Graffiti – D30 and LAFS Clean Train Action Across the Country

Like clean train graffiti action? Watch as the D30 and LAFS crews rock steel across the country in this clip 'No Peace America'.

D30 is the biggest clean train painting crew in the country. Bar none. Check out this video that features the Dirty 30 crew doing what they do best, rocking panels and wholecars across the country with the LAFS crew, visiting lay-ups and yards in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and more. Also, keep an eye out for the Nekst tribute pieces they painted in memory of their fallen comrade.









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  • Bugs

    Is AYSA the brother of NEKST? I saw a pieces where NEKST hit him up before he passed? Saw mainly trains by him And NEKST and tags around Housten. Anyone know?! Regardless he is sick with it!!!! Rest in peace NEKST!

  • Ricky Ross

    Don’t know but pretty sure Aysa is the newest in D-30 since Nekst passed. I saw a piece in LA he did with Kat and a few LTS’s. He is on some next level shit for sure. I’m pretty sure he’s in Addicts the train crew too. I see far more freights by him than walls. At least in Denver. Hope that helps. Stay up!