Lamborghini The Urus truck SUV

No Mercy for ‘Lamborghini Truck’

Official photos leak ahead of the SUV's international unveiling.

Lamborghini truck exterior of Urus SUV

Tired of being talked down to by Diddy? Well, now you can see Lamborghini’s truck too, a full three days ahead of its planned unveiling at the Beijing Auto Show. Thanks to—the online king of f-ing up an automotive publicist’s day—official press shots of the bullish SUV are on parade.

The Urus, as it has been dubbed, is clearly still in concept form—given its microscopic mirrors and Q-Bert board looking seats—but shows much more form and flow than Lambo’s forgotten LM002. Want one of these bad boys in your stable? You still got some three to five years left to rack up the estimated $200K you’ll need to drive a Lamborghini truck home. That goes for you too, Sean.

Lamborghini Truck Urus SUV interior

Lamborghini Urus SUV automobile steering wheel

Lamborghini The Urus truck SUV

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    The Lamborghini is one of bast of the bast never road in nothing like one of those car’s but that’s just me i loved it just saying