No Homo: Indie Film Tackles Fashion, Homophobia and Hype

“No homo.” You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase spill from the lips of rappers or your peers as they try to make it clear that what they just said should not be construed as “gay.” Though it was popularized by folks like Dipset and has become a part of the hipster’s lexicon of ironic phrases, “no homo” still has its roots in homophobic thinking.

Filmmaker Goddey Asemota’s indie flick, “No Homo,” examines the phenomenon of the phrase and imagines what the repercussions of its tongue-in-cheek usage could be if things got out of hand. Asemota’s film follows Lance and Dame, two struggling young fashion designers who brand the phrase as the name of their clothing line. While the line becomes an overnight success the byproduct of the popularity “No Homo” is unforeseen violence and bigotry.

Watch the thought-provoking clip above and read the director’s synopsis below:

Lance Dixon and Dame Garrison are aspiring fashion designers who sell custom shirts on the streets of SoHo. Because of their love for fashion the two are consistently questioned about their sexuality. As a gag they make a shirt with NO HOMO written on the front to address their sexuality questions, and sell them at their shirt stand. One of the first shirts sold ends up in the hands of an up and coming musician who wears the shirt in a music video. The videos success catapults the two into the spotlight, and they decide to change the name of their clothing line to NO HOMO to capitalize on the success. It doesn’t take long before they become the talk of the fashion world because of their hipster street wear line. Just as their careers seem to be taking off, a gay boy is severely beating by two thugs who happen to be wearing NO HOMO T shirts.

Written and Directed by Goddey Asemota

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