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Fool’s Gold Artist Series #8 – Niv Bavarsky

Fool’s Gold Artist Series #8 – Niv Bavarsky

This painting from Niv Bavarsky looks like Tangela from pokemon
Niv Bavarsky takes illustration to the next level with his debut solo exhibition as part of the Fool’s Gold Artist Series. Niv Bavarsky’s illustrations can be described as a mash-up of Dr. Seuss and DC’s comic book series Watchman…on Acid. Recognized by both  The New York Times and Bloomberg View the Bay Area artist uses ink to generate alternative visuals that modify familiar shapes and objects, turning curved lines into bent peculiar underworlds. The artwork will be showcased at Fool’s Gold Records at 536 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn from 7-9pm. Check out more of Niv Bavarsky’s work on his website.

Niv Bavarsky painting of Dogscape

Niv Bavarsky's painting of flesh ball golem

 Fool's Gold Artist Series #8 - Niv Bavarsky