Photo of the NikeiD Free Flyknit "Multicolor."

NikeiD Free Flyknit “Multicolor”

Nike's formula for success? Multicolor Flyknits.

Nike is wheeling out the latest version of the popular Nike Free silhouette with ALL the fixings.

Through NikeiD, customers are now able to customize the kicks however they please. The NikeiD Free Flyknit plays on the most popular of the Flyknit trends, with a multicolor option up for grabs. Sole options include the 4.0 for enhanced flexibility, or the 5.0 for flexible cushioning and support. With warmer weather approaching, it’s imperative for any sneakerhead to keep a pair of Flyknits in rotation.

Whatever your preference, take your pick and swag it out. The NikeiD Free Flyknit is available now via

Photo of the NikeID Free 4.0 Flyknit "Multicolor."
Detai photo of the NikeiD Free 4.0 Flyknit "Multicolor."

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Photo of the NikeiD Free Flyknit "Multicolor."

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