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Nike Clearance Store Coming to NYC

Nike Clearance Store Coming to NYC

If you live in New York and have ever wondered, “Why doesn’t Nike have somewhere that I can cop my shit for the low?” or, “Why in the fuck isn’t there a Nike outlet here?!” ponder no longer. Nike is bringing a Clearance Store to New York City.

The 15,000 square-foot space will have more than enough room for you to maneuver around without getting into any scuffles that are stamped by a Worldstar Hip Hop battle cry.

The store opens April 2 at the Shops at SkyView Center in Flushing, Queens. This may be a hike for some, but the payoff of getting great deals should trump that. Plus, the MTA can easily hold you down (unless it’s raining or snowing, of course).

[h/t Hypebeast]

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