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Nike Air Seinfeld

Nike Air Seinfeld


Nike Air Seinfeld canvas side shot

Before Kanye made the Yeezy jump over the Jumpman, and Jordan made a pair of V’s inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Nike made a special pair of signature sneakers for Jerry and the entire cast of “Seinfeld.” The low-top model sports a simple canvas with a white upper, slightly brighter white on the toe and midsole, and small blue accents throughout the shoe. The word “air” is spelled in between Seinfeld’s name in the same style as it was on the Jordan VII’s.

For Mass Appeal Issue #53, we sat down with DC sneakerhead and emcee, Wale. He shared some insight he got from the prolific comedian:

 I noticed Seinfeld had the Baltoros on… In one episode he had on a pair of black, purple, and blue Baltoros on. Then when I finally met him, he was like, naw it’s not an accident. I knew what I was wearing. So you know, he’s for real. – Wale

The honest truth is, these will probably never see the light of day – as far as being retailed to the general public. But with thousands of dollars, and some eBay hunting, you never know, your dreams may come true.

Nike Air Seinfeld side by side Air Jordan VII

Nike Air Seinfeld canvas back shot

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