Nigel Sylvester Wants You To Get Him

The BMX pro is riding around and getting it in a forthcoming reality show.

BMX superstar and Queens, NYC native Nigel Sylvester has an enviable, action packed, jetsetting life for sure! Starting April 17, Sylvester’s admirers can see for themselves how cool and fun loving this globetrotting dude is, thanks to Get Sylvester, a new series set to premiere on Network A and on YouTube.

Earlier today on Twitter the G-Shock watch designer and Gatorade frontman sent out a link which took his followers to the show’s teaser page. What we saw was 36 seconds of insanity and fun captured in glorious black and white: girls, eats, music, jewels, laughs, homies, Nigel commanding huge crowds and having the time of his life. The video is just one of several teasers leading up to the big show, which we can’t wait to enjoy! Get yours, Nigel!


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