Nigel Sylvester Takes on Los Angeles in Second Go! Video

Celebrity cameos abound

BMX rider Nigel Sylvester knows no boundaries with his bike. In the first edition of his Go! series, he rode through his home turf in New York City, but this time around he heads out to Los Angeles. Besides disrupting traffic here and there, he sets up Swaggy P for an alley oop, gets towed by Rob Dyrdek’s go kart into a foam pit, cruises along some low riders, catches up with friends, says what’s up to Ben Baller, and beats the dreaded L.A. traffic. You get to see all of this from Nigel’s point of view as the video cuts from scene to scene.

Nigel sticks to a hype playlist throughout the video with Bas‘ “Too High Too Riot,” Dave East‘s “Winners Never Lose,” Bodega Bamz‘ “Say Amen,” and Zoey Dollaz’ “Blow a Check.”

What city would you like to see Nigel take on next?

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