Nigel Sylvester Fuels Nike+ Bracelet

The weight of Nike's new wrist accessory feels like a familiar product from the past. The difference is function, and Nigel Sylvester.

Consider the possibilities. The Nike+ FuelBand is probably the coolest thing on your wrist to date. The tan line left behind Nike’s Livestrong braclets have been waiting for something new to fill the space for 15 years. Previously, the Lance Armstrong bracelets could be seen on any and everyone. Could the FuelBand really be the next big thing?

Nigel Sylvester, the pro-BMXer from Queens, makes it look cool in a new promo for the wrist gear. The action shots look a little more close to home for young adults than Lance going for the gold in the Tour De France. Also, last we checked, spandex isn’t part of the wardrobe of threads worn by kids landing tricks seen at the X-Games. As the Nike+ FuelBand represents the evolution of function over the form (and statement) of Livestrong, maybe 15 years from now, Nigel will be stadium status like Lance Armstrong. It’s all in the wrist.

Nike+ FuelBand Nike Nigel Sylvester BMX Lance Armstrong bracelet Livestrong

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