Nicki Minaj Raises The Stakes

I love hip hop. I love women. I absolutely love Nicki Minaj.

I love when I open my computer only to realize there are about five projects that just dropped and I immediately need to download them all. So far this week Isaiah Rashad released his second project with TDE titled Cilvia Demo EP. J. Cole came out with a tape with all the artists on his label, Dreamville, titled Revenge of The Dreamers. 9th Wonder and his Jamla squad put out a new project, Jamla Is The Squad. Pure ecstasy! Fortunately for me, and not so much for the aforementioned artists, the best shit didn’t even hit my crappy 2010 Macbook until late last night – I’m talking about Nicki Minaj’s remix of “Danny Glover.”

Oh Nicki, you delivered the best 90 seconds of an already amazing musical week – how I love you. Given an adequate platform, I would go down on one knee and profess this love over and over until my kneecap was ashy beyond recognition. You absolutely murdered Young Thug’s “Danny Glover.” Not only did you tear it apart with your flow, cadence, and boisterous lyrics, but you did so after Young Thug said he didn’t like people remixing his songs. Nicki, you are the cockiest, most beautiful, queen of an emcee.

Each line, bolder than the last, raises the stakes on these… well, these bitches. You boast that these bitches were and still are your offspring, your sons, never to surpass your greatness, subsequently leaving these bitches in a complete fawning state. Then you shed light on your sexual prowess. You gave homeboy the kitten and got him all smitten, but when he thought he was going to hop in the foreign, you said you were just kidding. Evil, conniving, and really Machiavellian of you Nicki. Homeboy was souped to hop in the whip and you were like, “Nah.” You probably laughed the whole drive back to YMCMB headquarters. What else should I expect from a woman with your stature though. You always keep me on my toes.

Your sexual role reversal isn’t unprecedented, but still, you manage to push the envelope further than any other female emcees out there. Girls is plottin, what more could they steal? Tell Justin Timberlake that I am coming for Jessical Biel. Coming at the King of Pop’s wife in a 90 second remix is unthinkable. The remark was so light for you Nicki, so light, that it could be said on a Young Thug remix rather than a single or any other kind of official release. You’ll wait for the album to come at Jay Z, Obama even. Timberlake doesn’t get that shine in Nicki’s world. You’re divinatory Nicki, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw you hand-in-hand with Biel at the Oscars. Anything is possible.

I love hip hop and I love everything that has come out this week. Thank you J. Cole for reminding me that dreams are important and you started with a dollar and a dream. Thank you 9th for keeping it hip hop 100% of the time. Isaiah, thank you for keeping the sport alive, similar to what Kendrick did with Section.80. Nicki, thank you so much for shitting on niggas. You are an icon.

Dripping down his dick this pussy too vicious. Everytime I fuck him I say ‘who’s is it?’

It’s mine Nicki! It’s mine!

Sigh. Me and the rest of the planet wishes.

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  • Nicki is really the total package. She is very much needed in the game.