Nicki Minaj Accuses Fashion Lord Giuseppe Zanotti of Using Her Name Without Taking Her Calls

"The racism and disrespect won't be tolerated"

Occasionally, Nicki Minaj will ditch her poker face to let the world know when she feels she’s been slighted, and today she’s taken to Twitter to express a set of grievances with fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Minaj, whom Zanotti has admittedly been inspired by, tweeted today that Zanotti has been using her name to sell shoes, but isn’t open to working with her. Before capping her rant, Minaj warned that “racism” and “disrespect” wouldn’t be tolerated.

And just like that, Zanotti found himself in a beef with one of music’s most marketable artists. Zanotti hasn’t responded to or acknowledged Nicki’s claims via his own Twitter account–which may or may not actually be run by him–but the rapper’s fans have already alleged that the shoes on Zanotti’s site that sported Nicki’s namesake have been taken down.

Nicki’s assertion that Zanotti and/or his company’s behavior can be categorized as racism shouldn’t be considered an outrageous take. There’s a lengthy history of black-owned or black-bred brands, trends and styles being appropriated for the use of monetary gain by large companies owned or operated by predominantly white people. The history of said companies reaching out to the black community from which it derived its new frontier to include the arbiters in their movement isn’t nearly as lengthy.

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