New Tumblr Follows Instagram’s “Thirstiest” Men

This Tumblr collects corniest, creepiest, Instagram comment come-ons.

What woman can resist the offer of “tongue” from a random dude online?

Dudes: Do not be a thirsty-ass thirst bucket on Instagram. Resist the urge to leave overly flirtatious or sexually explicit comments on the photos of women you find desirable. Why? Because though it may stroke the woman’s ego it’s more likely that it’ll make you look desperate, horny, and pathetic.

Tumblr’s “Thirstiest Men of Instagram” is proof of this.

The site collects the corniest and creepiest Instagram come-ons with hilarious results. Maybe Casey Neistat should’ve added “don’t be an overt horn dog” to his list of Instagram do’s and don’ts.

He needs to study anatomy; all pussies are muscular.


We think he meant “Nalga-SAURUS” but thirst and paleontology don’t go hand in hand.


Can’t front, this is a pretty funny pick-up line.
Damn, they even caught Drake slippin’





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  • Ruger

    Seriously though all of these are terrible examples LOL! Except the very last one with the young lady laying with only her head and arm exposed all the other ones are of a sexual nature… Honestly what do you expect guys to say when they see you taking ass shots of yourself in skin tights or not wearing pants at all, what were you expecting to hear from straight men; where’d you get your hair done or I like your nails come on ladies get serious, don’t be naive.